On the Move, Vertical Style

Hey, how is this possible?

Not only is Claire using anything she can to pull herself up into a standing position, but if she can find something to help her then walk, it’s even better! First, it was an empty turned-over diaper box. Last night it was a toy shopping cart over at the neighbour’s. This morning, the empty water cooler bottle. Then her bus.


Neal theorizes that Claire will be walking before her first birthday. I can definitely see the possibility, but you never know how quickly she will gain confidence in her balance. Then again, she often forgets that she needs something to hold onto when she’s standing. Earlier, she was holding onto the handle of the bus and she suddenly pushed it away, wobbled for a second, then fell (without crying, that time).


Claire’s sleep has been wonky to say the least. I don’t think we can totally blame daylight savings time, although it does kinda coincide. But it’s not so much that she would fall asleep late or wake up early, but that she would suddenly wake up every few hours, screaming away. Sometimes she wanted part of a bottle. Sometimes she just wanted me to hold and rock her. On Tuesday night, it was just some whining on and off, in that way that makes you doubt whether you should get up and get her a bottle – which means she will fully wake up – or if you should just lie quietly in bed, praying she puts herself back to sleep. In the end, she did put herself back to sleep, but it did translate into about 45 minutes of broken sleep for both Neal and I. Then, at last, she slept through the night yesterday! It was so wonderful!

See, I have been wanting to wake Claire up earlier and earlier in preparation for the ridiculously early hour we will have to get her up once work/daycare starts (around 6 a.m. ~shudder~). I was going to do it nice and gradual-like, but then she got sick, and we got sick, and then she was going through the above-mentioned broken-sleep pattern that may have been due to some combination of daylight savings hell and teething. Not only did I not want to wake her up early in those cases, but quite frankly, I didn’t want to wake up early.

So today, finally, I got my butt out of bed around 6:30, had breakfast, then got Claire up. She had two naps (two hours and one hour), I managed to do a bunch of house-cleaning and play with her, and I finished writing Part One of my novel during her first nap. Ahhh, there is something to be said for getting up nice and early!


I don’t know for sure that Claire is teething. On Sunday morning, she woke up with a low-grade fever that stayed with her all day, and she was certainly not herself. Even on Monday she wasn’t totally herself, although she was better than she had been, and now she’s pretty much back to normal. She wasn’t as interested in solid food all of a sudden, and would hardly eat anything before slapping the spoon away. She did start wanting softer, pureed food again, after having almost completely turned her nose up at it, so chewing was an issue. And she had her fingers in her mouth a lot, but then, she does that a fair amount anyway.

Now, the fever relation to teething is a contentious issue from what I can gather from my internet research. Some doctors believe a baby can get a low-grade fever with teething due to the inflammation of the gums, whereas other doctors insist they are two separate things.

All I know is that if she is teething, it’s a bloody nuisance. She has eight teeth right now, and other than the occasional moment here and there where she would cry, and some nights when we had to give her baby Tylenol to get her to have some sleep, it really wasn’t bad.


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