Looking for a little time out please

Despite the fact that I know there are serious health issues all over the world (the cholera outbreak in Haiti springs immediately to mind as a tragic example), I am feeling compelled to whine about my own health.

I’ve been fighting down a cold for a week or so, and it finally reached a rousing crescendo this weekend, complete with sinus pain and a complete lack of energy (or ability to breathe without copious amounts of vaporub on my nose).

This morning when I woke to a damp and rainy day I still felt run-down and had to pop two cough drops before it was even 7:15 am just to try to ease the mass irritation going on in my throat. When I got Hayley off to school and had finished taking the dog out I figured a hot coffee would help my throat pain and also warm me up since I couldn’t stop shaking. I drank it while lounging about with my book and hoped I would soon feel better.

The problem was Breanna had woken up the night before just as I was heading to bed. Since George was still up he brought her out to the living room and sent me off to sleep. I crashed immediately. I was then yanked out of a zombie-fueled dream (and as an aside, wtf is up with that? I never had a dream about zombies in my entire life that I can recall and since I started watching The Walking Dead I average one or two per week, sheesh!) at one in the morning as George announced that Breanna had just puked all over the blanket on the couch. Ah. Okay.

She was only sick the one time but complained of a tummy ache for awhile afterwards and into today. A bit of good old gastro we figure.

And so of course, on top of the cold-turned-sinus-and-pain-disaster I got gastro as well. I feel like absolute hell and spent most of the day in bed. Shortly after putting my book down this morning, I suddenly felt awful and sat on the floor in front of the toilet for awhile. I eventually came out with a bucket in hand and told George that I was lying down in the bedroom. I felt bad because I had wanted him to go take a nap since I knew he hadn’t slept much the night before but I was pretty much non-functional. I alternated between reading my book, reading my camera manual, surfing the net on my iPod, and dozing. For all the resting I did I still don’t feel much better.

Getting sick with something new while still sick with your previous ailment is seriously not cool. I know that there’s little as boring as reading about someone’s whiny sickness on the Internet but there you have it. To quote Tiffany quoting Temerity Jane, “It’s NaBloPoMo, and they can’t all be winners.” Indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for a little time out please

  1. I’m so sorry you’re sick! When I’m feeling that way all I can ever manage to do is drink tea with honey and nibble on rye toast, zone out in front of the TV and whine. I hope you feel better soon!

    On another note, my husband and I have been watching The Walking Dead as well, and just yesterday morning he told me he’d started having semi-frequent zombie dreams, as well! I told him, “Well, I hope you’re kicking their asses, at least.” To which he responded, “Come on, Tiff. It’s ME.” :D

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  3. Hi! I am a reader from wayyyy back and just thought about you the other day and found you again. I remember we were on some mothers forum board at the same time and I think our oldest kids are just about the same age.

    And…I am having zombie dreams too! My 19 year old son got me to watch The Walking Dead (he had been a fan of the comic book)…I got into it, love it, but it is SO scary! I couldn’t sleep the other night after watching the season finale. But I can’t wait til it comes back on either!

    Anyway, good to be here again!