I’ve never been hardcore into the zombie culture. George has seen all the original Romero movies and generally likes to watch any new stuff that comes out and he’s a pretty big fan. I’ll watch the movies and I usually enjoy them at least. There are some that I have loved enthusiastically – namely Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.

I think my problem with zombies was always that, in the old movies at least, they shuffled along at such an excruciatingly slow pace that I found it very difficult to be afraid of them. I mean, yes, they were undead and usually had limbs or bits of their faces hanging off of them, and if they managed to catch someone they would then try to eat their brains. I get that this is supposed to be scary but instead I only got angry. I would find myself practically shouting at the living characters that their brains will not be eaten if they would just RUN instead of standing there screaming incoherently. The zombies were slower than a 100-year-old man with a cane and they couldn’t climb anything. RUN YOU MORONS!

Now in the more recent zombie films things have changed. Zombies are not turtle-slow anymore. Most of them seem to run faster than me, in which case I would be very much out of luck in a zombie apocalypse unless I manage to get my hands on a motorcycle, and perhaps a rocket launcher. They’re also frequently seen making their way up and over things (looks like the attic isn’t so safe after all!) and they almost work together instead of just shuffling about in a random pack of flesh-eating slugs.

So in recent years I was starting to see them as having potential to be pretty frightening after all although they still didn’t make me scream or freak out or lie awake at night.

Enter the new show on the AMC network – “The Walking Dead”. Oh my hell.

We don’t get AMC here so we have to wait and see it online the next day. It is totally worth the wait. The first episode was pretty nerve-wracking and intense. This week the second episode aired and I watched it all alone last night at 10:30. I spent most of it with my toes curled while I squished myself further and further into the couch cushions. I may have also repeated, “Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!” throughout large portions of the show.

When it was over I turned to Facebook and implored someone to please come and help me down off the ceiling.

It is a seriously amazing show and so scary in parts and there are also times when I think “they can SAY that/show that on TV?!” It is excellent and I am loving it more than I should admit.

I also shouldn’t admit one other thing but I will: George was out last night and even though I was tired I stayed up until 11:20, waiting for him to come home before going to bed. You know. Just like that. Cough.

Anyone else watching?

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9 thoughts on “Braaaaiiiinnns!

  1. We’re watching! The show is totally KICK ASS and I’ve loved the guy that plays the sheriff ever since he was in Love Actually. LOVE. I did watch about 3/4 of it through my fingers, though. Heh. Oh. AND I TOTALLY CALLED IT ABOUT THE HORSE.

  2. Well geez, I’m going to HAVE to watch now, I’ve always found zombies a little lame but if it’s THAT scary it’s worth a watch. :D

  3. I like most Zombie movies myself, which got me very interested in this as well. But seeing how even less likely it is to be aires here any time soon, could you be so kind to point out where these ‘online’ versions of shows could be found ?

    I might want to see that one for myself.

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