Well hello 2012!

So the ball dropped, the fireworks blasted, and we bid adieu to 2011 and said a big hello to 2012. Here’s hoping the Mayans simply got bored and that the end of their calendar doesn’t mean the world ends in December!

That cracks me up every time I see it.

Anyway! To end the old year and ring in the new one we invited two good friends over to hang out with us for a few drinks and lots of appetizers. Meanwhile the kids had their cousin sleep over and they had their own party down in the basement (we won’t mention the post-apocalyptic disaster down there the next morning. Sigh!) and a good time was had by all.

We’ve had these same friends over several times now since we moved here and each time is more fun than the last time. My friend and I have known each other online for at least ten years, possibly longer than that, and finally met when we moved here. Her husband is equally awesome and we enjoyed a gut-busting-laughter-filled evening. I can’t think of a better way to usher in a new year than to do so with a big smile on your face.

Cheese sticks Nom nom nom
A happy techy new year

Good friends



Even their two awesome dogs, Alice and Chloe, joined us for a bit which made me happy. The landlord may have said we can not HAVE a dog, but he didn’t mention anything about not being allowed to have tail-wagging, four-legged visitors!


It was a great time. The kids crashed at 1:30 (Breanna and the cousin) and at 2:30 (Hayley), and our friends stayed until 3 am. So much fun!

We spent the first day of the year chillin’ mostly. Hayley had gotten a Snuggie from my parents for Christmas, so she put that on, crashed on the loveseat, and her and I watched most of the Star Wars trilogy (we missed the first half of Star Wars so we’ll watch that one next weekend) and she was completely enthralled.

Supper consisted of Aztec Beans because I like the tradition of eating beans for the new year for good luck, then we all slept like the dead later that night.

I really hope the world doesn’t actually end; it’s a pretty nifty place.

How was your new year’s eve?

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