Meditating on the bus

I think I’ve mentioned this before but because of the fun and never dull anxiety issues that I deal with regularly, I sometimes get very anxious before I have to leave for work. I don’t even really know why, nothing horrible has ever happened to me on the bus, I’m fine when I get to work, and I enjoy my job so there’s no reason to be right on the edge of having a full-blown panic attack.


However, that doesn’t mean my brain doesn’t decide to throw me under the bus. You know, so to speak.

There are two things that help me. One, Rescue Remedy is my friend. It’s an all natural product that comes in drops or spray and helps to calm nerves so I take some of that before getting on the bus. It does a lot to dial it down but even more than that I think that my habit of meditating on the bus has made it so much better.

When I first started yoga I kind of shrugged over the meditation aspect. It wasn’t that I thought it couldn’t work or be beneficial, I just didn’t think I could do it. And truth be told, if I sit or lie down all by myself with my breathing I will either find myself thinking about the latest episode of The Walking Dead or I’ll fall asleep. However, if I do a guided meditation I have something to concentrate on and I do really well with it. I still sometimes doze off for a split second but overall it works for me.

Meditation isn’t necessarily something you’re supposed to do on the bus, I suppose. It’s generally suggested that you do it when you’re all alone with no distractions to get in your way. That’s all well and good but the fact of the matter is that I need it most on the bus so I do the best I can. People probably think I’m sleeping on the bus but I’m not – I’m just meditating!

If you find yourself stressed out and in need of some meditation as well, I have a few suggestions for you.

One is a guided meditation from Dashama, my very first yoga teacher who taught me so much. She does a meditation that is almost 20 minutes long and she offers it up from time to time for free with her newsletter.

Another is this fabulous anti-anxiety meditation that I found on YouTube. It’s amazing and by the time it’s over I’m usually calm and mildly limp, practically incapable of getting worked up.

I have a good one from Deepak Chopra that is sadly under five minutes but it’s really nice even if it’s short. It’s this one:

I particularly love the line “wherever you go, bring the whole Universe with you.”

Finally, and not everyone will be into this, I enjoy doing a chakra balancing meditation. I always kind of scoffed at chakras until I got Dashama’s DVD and did the chakra meditation she has on there; the way I felt afterwards, both energized and relaxed was enough to convince me. I found this good meditation on YouTube and it’s quite helpful if you’re open to that.

Of course my preferred method of meditating is yoga; I like getting lost in the movement and breathing of a nice vinyasa flow. It’s not like I can really do a good downward facing dog or crow pose on the bus though, so meditating with my iPod will have to do!

Do you meditate? What’s your favourite method?

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5 thoughts on “Meditating on the bus

  1. Thank you for posting these. I’ve been suffering from sudden anxiety at bedtime for a week or so and I was just sitting here, dreading winding down to go to bed. I am going to try these now.

  2. I should try this, some days every thing worries me. Nice that you are teaching your children to .