Waterfront lunch

Yesterday when I got to work I was about 50 minutes early, as I usually am. I got off the bus and decided I didn’t really feel like going in just yet so I decided to walk a block down and check out some shops (window shopping only, alas). Once I was done browsing around a cute little store I felt a bit hungry; I normally bring a lunch with me to eat before my shift starts but I didn’t want to go sit in the lunch room to eat it.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the temperature was quite nice, and I was bundled up enough that I thought, “you know, one of the reasons I love living here is being near the water, but what’s the point of being near it if I never go SEE it?” And so I continued walking straight down to the waterfront, plopped myself down on a bench, and ate my lunch while looking out at the harbour.

Halifax Harbour

Now our lunch room is perfectly lovely, as far as lunch rooms go, and I can sort of see a bit of the water in between buildings if I look out the window. However I’m sorry, the lunch room’s got nothing on a bench down at the waterfront.

That was the most relaxed lunch I’ve had in ages and I still had enough time to take my time getting back to where I needed to be. I think I might have to do that again soon.

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