Beach time! (In October? Yes! In October!)

Despite the fact that this is Canada and it can get pretty cold in the winter, and it is in fact starting to get downright chilly (I have the space heater churning away behind me as I type!), Thanksgiving weekend found us enjoying unseasonable October weather where it felt more like summer than fall. What else to do on a gorgeous, sunny, hot day than hit the beach, am I right? Admittedly it felt strange to be driving to the beach and passing tons of trees with changing leaves.


But I can deal with strange if it means that 15 minutes after walking out our front door I can be confronted with this:


When people would ask me why I would want to move to Halifax, I always like to joke that it’s because the ocean is here. In reality the reasons are much more complex than the scenery but I must say that it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the Atlantic just a little more than a stone’s throw away.



As much as I love Crystal Crescent Beach, it really doesn’t matter where I am. When I take the bus to work and I see the harbour as we drive along towards downtown Halifax, I still feel so much happiness. Even if I’m having a day where I miss people and things back home, seeing the water brings me back again. That never seems to change. It always makes me feel exactly like this:


Beach time in October? Oh yes. Yes please.


As an aside, someone (don’t know who, but thank you!) nominated me for the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs. I’ve never ever won anything like that so if you could vote by clicking right here or on the badge in the right menu, I would so appreciate it. You can vote once every 24 hours. I’ll try not to harass you too much!

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3 thoughts on “Beach time! (In October? Yes! In October!)

  1. As usual beautiful pictures. 15 minutes away is great. When we lived in Puerto Rico we had to drive through the mountains for 45 minutes. That was the nearest beach to our home. Voted for you Sherry and will again tomorrow. Good luck