Easter by the hour

Andrea over at The Fishbowl issued a challenge to show your Easter hour by hour. I took the first photo when we woke up (first photo snapped at 8:30 since we got a bit of a late start; Hayley did wake me up at 5:45 but I told her that was a bit ridiculous). After the first one, each subsequent photo will be taken at the top of the hour. I have my iPod alarm set to remind me and when it goes off I’ll take a picture of whatever I’m doing at the time.

I won’t be able to update here every hour of course, but check back periodically and you can see when I’ve added anything new. Happy Easter all! I hope you enjoy our day with us.

8:30 am – The Easter bunny ate half his carrot, drank a bit of water, and took the drawing Breanna made for him:

It begins!

9:00 am – I got out the mugs and the sugar for coffee:

Time for coffee

10:00 am – Watching a movie together:


11:00 am – Taking Winnie out for some fresh air:

Fresh air

12:00 pm – Choosing what to wear for Easter dinner:

Getting ready

1:00 pm – Finally getting myself ready after getting the kids dressed and coiffed:


2:00 pm – Over at the in-laws’ house for Easter; the kids played with some new Polly Pocket toys:

Play time

3:00 pm – Water was much-needed after having a chocolate martini before dinner:


4:00 pm – A glass of wine to go with Easter dinner:


5:00 pm – After a second helping, plate cleared, still lounging at the table before dessert:

All done

6:00 pm – This scarf came with Hayley’s new outfit but I think I might steal it sometimes:


7:00 pm – The kids asked their aunt for a bath. Breanna didn’t want her hair washed but Hayley did. She’s not in pain here, but the brush attached to the hair dryer was tickling her neck:


8:00 pm – Home again! Peeling apples for a healthy snack after the chocolate rush:

Almost bedtime

9:00 pm – That’s all folks!

Calling it a night

Check out the full Easter Sunday set over here!

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4 thoughts on “Easter by the hour

  1. Fun! I hope you fill in the rest of the days picture! Love sharing your family moments with you. If I wasn’t such a lazy but I would share more too. :)

  2. You have some nice traditions for Easter. On our part of the world things are a little bit different: we first go to the church and then sit down and eat the Easter lunch.