Trying to get along with the snow

Today ended up being quite the day in the snow for me. A little before lunch time I decided to take Winnie for a walk. After she had done her business I didn’t feel like carrying a plastic bag around with me so I headed into the park. I figured I’d throw the bag in the garbage and we could spend a bit of time running around in the snow.

Instead, I noticed Winnie became very alert and when I turned around I saw a man walking in with his Bull Mastiff. Winnie loves every dog on the planet so they started sniffing and getting tangled up in each other’s leashes. The guy said he was planning on going for a walk in the woods but wondered if I’d like to let Winnie off-leash to run around with his dog instead.

I had never done that before and was a bit nervous but he pointed out that they’d likely just play instead of trying to run off. Agreeing, I took a deep breath, leaned down, unhooked the leash… and then I spent almost half an hour watching the glory that is a Border Collie-Lab mix running full tilt through snow.

It was amazing, she had so much fun and I got to see the herding instinct in her; it was quite funny watching her try to herd a dog that big. They never once tried to bolt for the gate or the woods and what with all the snow they were so tired that we both just needed to walk up to leash them as they laid exhausted at one point. I was surprised I didn’t have to carry her tired self home.

Later that day I took the kids out again after Hayley got home from school and I brought out the two sleds. We don’t have a huge hill or anything but there is a nice one behind our building and they had a great time going down it repeatedly. I brought Winnie again but I think she had more fun yesterday when she was playing soccer. Regardless, she had a good time too and even took a quick ride on a sled down half the hill. She then tried to EAT the sled so that was the end of that.

I have some pictures but I am so tired that I just can’t bring myself to edit and upload them tonight. Maybe tomorrow after I get back from doing Breakfast Club. There’s something nice about editing photos while drinking my coffee.

The snow wore everyone out I think. Breanna and Hayley both fell asleep very quickly and Winnie was so tired that she only paid a few minutes of attention to the rawhide bone she’s been working on the past couple of days. Right now she’s passed out cold. As for me, I’m feeling particularly sleepy as well and that’s good since I have a 5:30 am wake-up for tomorrow.

On that note I should drag myself to bed and get some sleep so I can be awake enough to make breakfast tomorrow.

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