This past weekend was Thanksgiving up here in Canada* and with Hayley being off school for the Friday and the Monday we had a wonderful long weekend and there was a lot to be thankful for by the time it was over.


We basically spent Friday getting to know our new dog, and we took her for her first walk in the woods. On Saturday our friend was the unknowing guest of honor at her surprise birthday party and that was a lot of fun. I went over early to help decorate and get everything ready, and we didn’t leave until midnight. I had such a good time that I may have to re-think my stance on surprise parties. I’ve always said I wouldn’t want to have one, even though I enjoy attending them for other people, but maybe it would be fun for someone to throw one for me too after all.

Even though Monday was technically Thanksgiving day, a lot of people celebrate with the big dinner on Sunday since many people have Monday off (and can thus recuperate from all the turkey, stuffing, and pie!). We went over to George’s parents’ house and visited with them, as well as his sister and her husband. We had a great time and enjoyed a huge meal.

George’s sister suggested that after saying grace we should go around the table and have each person share something they’re grateful for. When it was my turn I said that I spent my whole life having big family meals for holidays up north at my grandmother’s house but since she passed away several years ago, I don’t have that now. I said I was grateful that I still had the good luck to be a part of that with George’s family.

The kids both fell asleep pretty easily that night, which was a good thing since I got a phone call from one of my friends on Monday morning. She said she was going with our other friend to a big nature park with the kids and they wanted to know if we’d like to join them. I’m so glad I was able to say yes. It was a beautiful day – possibly one of the last before winter hits – and we spent a wonderful three and a half hours walking around, looking at the trees, petting goats, checking out farm animals, having pony rides, and eating a picnic lunch.

By Monday night everyone was pretty much wiped out. There’s something wonderful about being completely tired because you had so much fun over the past four days.

I spy a pumpkin


How to end up stuffed like a turkey


My favorite

You can see the full Thanksgiving set over here and all the photos from the nature center over here.

*I mentioned it being our long holiday weekend over on JoliePittWatch and thanked my readers for their kind wishes. Hilariously I had someone email me about how I’m an idiot for thinking it was Thanksgiving because DUH, that’s in November. I had a fun time replying that although the Internet is very US-centric, many of us actually live in other countries, and thus have different holidays. I included a link explaining Canadian Thanksgiving and implied that perhaps it takes a bigger kind of idiot to have no clue about the world outside their own little dot on the map.

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9 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Seriously, you take such awesome photos all the freakin’ time.

    (and lol at the last paragraph. ;P )

  2. Very nicely said! Although i don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I find it to be a very nice holiday. Apart from the presents, it’s the same as Christmas at my house :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! Love the colour intesity. Canon EOS 350 was it?
    I keep fighting it out with an old Praktica PL Nova I B from the 70′s (old German manufacture)… The camera’s almost 20 years my senior :P

    Can’t quite befriend digital cameras. Old mechanical ones I can controll more in detail. But then again, you have to have a rock steady hand to get clear & sharp pictures. And no post-editing. Bit of a hassle.

  4. Issy – Yes, the Canon Rebel XT. It’s old now but I still love it, I’ve learned so much about photography with this camera!

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