Splish Splash!

This picture totally cracks me up because it conveys just how strongly Hayley dislikes being splashed.

Don't do that!

(Though she can dish it out for those who actually do like it.)


She got over it though.

We went to a baptism yesterday for our friends’ son and I took a load of pictures for them in the church, which was nerve-wracking but fun. I can’t wait to show them the shots I got. Afterwards, Breanna was in desperate need of a nap. The screaming at the top of her lungs was the most obvious clue – luckily George had brought her home rather than attempting to bring her into the church like that, otherwise the priest may have thought it was time for an exorcism. I stayed home with her while she slept and George and Hayley went over to our friends’ house. He picked us up once Breanna was awake and refreshed and by the time I got there, Hayley had already been in the pool for a good hour.

She spent the vast majority of the remainder of the day going back in the water, and one of the older girls took Breanna in for me. Last year she wasn’t keen on being in any sort of pool other than the little Rubbermaid container I turned into a wading pool for her one hot summer afternoon. This year she enjoys it and it was perfect that she could actually walk around and touch the bottom. I wish we had a pool.

It was a great day – hot, but beautiful. We had one giant downpour in the late afternoon but a group of us sat under the gazebo and enjoyed it. Once it was over, the sun came back out and the kids were back in the water.

They both fell asleep super easily after so much time outside in the pool. I’m glad they had fun. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures of them in their nice dresses we bought them to wear to the baptism so I’ll have to put them back on for a little photoshoot later or tomorrow. That shouldn’t be hard – Hayley’s wearing hers again already. I think she’d wear it for tonight’s soccer game if she could. That would be interesting – I’d love to see a goal scored by a little blond girl in a pink princess-y dress!

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2 thoughts on “Splish Splash!

  1. One of the hallmarks of a good parent is the ability to realize that a screaming child just might have missed their nap. I see so many parents who start yelling a their child threatening to paddle their behinds. Usually a busy parent simply didn’t have the time to get the child their nap … and they end up paying for it.
    I really like hearing you tie the nap to the screaming child. It is like a breath of fresh air.