On the Mend

Claire seems to be pretty much back to normal now. Last Monday, I had a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription refilled and while I was there, I mentioned to the doctor – who is also Claire’s doctor – that she had been suffering from her first cold but was on her way back to normal. The doctor, being the kind woman she is, offered to take a look at Claire. Her ears had some fluid in them, so she asked that I make an appointment in a week for Claire to have her ears checked – obviously, if her condition worsened, I would bring her in sooner.

Her inner ears are still a little red and inflamed, but not bulging and there is no sign of fluid. My ears are much the same – last week was fun, as I developed the same cold as Claire and had my ears blocking and unblocking. I can’t remember if it’s Graves’ Disease or the medication taken to treat it that can lower your white blood cell count, but either way, I’m at slightly more risk for infection, so since I was at the clinic anyway, I decided to have my own ears checked. I was relieved that, so far, there is no sign of infection.

Claire is definitely doing much better than Neal and I. In fact, I think she did better than both of us the entire time she was sick, other than the fact that she didn’t want to drink very much for a few days. We still groan and moan from exhaustion and congestion and ears blocking and popping and sinus headaches, while Claire has continued to play, wasn’t really too cranky, and was only a little bit more tired than usual, translating into sleeping in slightly more in the morning. She is a trooper, that one!

What worries me is that this is a bit of a preview of what is to come, from what everyone, including the doctor, has told me. Once Claire goes to daycare, she’s going to be the “new blood” and will be sick “all the time” for the first six months or so. I’m only going back to work, so I have no idea what to expect for my sick days (I know that some places won’t let employees use their sick days for their kids, which is stupid since um, what are you supposed to do if the daycare requires you take them home and keep them there for a certain amount of time? Thankfully, my workplace is not like that). Neal gets something like two sick days per month, which may come in handy depending on what my situation is like. He is, however, going to be doing a 7- or 8-week course at the end of April. It’s in the city, so technically he could come home everyday. But since a) he has to be at work super-early, and b) he may have to work late some days, and c) we only have one vehicle which I will require to take Claire to and from daycare, he is going to stay over in the barracks on the base. He will come home on weekends except for any that he is required to be away; there is a “field phase”, so there will probably be at least one weekend like that.

So that may be problematic if I don’t have many (or any) sick days when I first return and Claire gets sick enough that she can’t be at daycare. I’m not going to worry too much about it until or unless I need to. I will speak to my office manager about it, and we do have remote access so I may be able to work a little bit from home if necessary. Obviously I wouldn’t be working the same number of hours I would if I was at work, but at least I wouldn’t be using up so much time. And the firm is usually pretty good about allowing you to take time if necessary and then making the time up later.


While we were at the clinic today, the doctor wanted to weigh Claire since she had gone through a few days without drinking much formula, but there was no reason to worry as she is still on track, weighing in at 20 lbs, 3 oz. She wasn’t measured there, but we have a little grow chart thing taped up on the wall in her room, and from what we can tell, she’s still about 30″ long (maybe a little shorter), so she hasn’t grown a huge amount since her last checkup. From what I can tell, that’s pretty normal for this stage.

Claire has recently started trying to push herself onto her feet all over the place. She doesn’t quite have the strength to pull herself up from her bum to a standing position at the coffee table, but she will stand there for hours, hitting the table if you stand her up. She can get herself back up if you’re sitting behind her and she falls onto your lap.

Sporting her new vest – the pants are still a little long, but it’s not like she has any shortage of pink pants:

I’m too nervous to do this with Claire, but she LOVES when Neal puts her up on his shoulders and runs up and down the hall with her. I mean, just look at the expression of glee!

Neal thinks he looks silly (he’s making a sound as he runs up and down the hall), but I don’t know – he’s always been a good-looking guy, but he has never been so handsome as when he plays with our daughter. I told him that he doesn’t look foolish; he looks like a dad.

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One Response to On the Mend

  1. sherry says:

    Tell Neal he’s supposed to look silly from time to time. It’s all part of it! :)