Growing Up

I remember how, for the first three months of Claire’s life, not much changed. She grew longer and put on more weight, and she became stronger so that she had more head control, but it was a fairly slow progression. Now, on the other hand, it seems like she is always learning new things.

She can sit up on her own. She does still fall over, but it’s usually only when she is reaching for something. Otherwise, she can sit on her mats for a long time.

She has also learned how to throw. We play “catch” together with her small stuffed fish or her small plastic blocks. Sometimes it goes wildly to the side or even behind her, but she is really quite good at throwing, considering that she is only seven months old. She is also learning how to clap, and it is the cutest thing ever. She also seems to understand when to use it – whenever she throws something, particularly if it goes far, she claps with a smile on her face.

She is also starting to scoot on her bum. I have suspected it since she isn’t always in the same place I left her, but it was blatantly obvious yesterday (although I, yet again, did not see it. It seems like she only ever moves when no one is watching). I was talking to the guy renovating our bathroom, and when I turned back toward the living room, she was not on her mats at all. She had moved onto the hardwood floor, and was still sitting on her bum, so I know she didn’t simply roll there. Neal also saw her scooting last night; as usual, I was looking away. I swear, I’m going to just stare at her today!

I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up and learning all of these things. She loves to stand as well. We hold her hands, or we set her up by the coffee table to hold on, while we sit behind her and have our hands almost touching her since her legs do get tired. But she is really quite good at it!

I have to admit that I love all of these changes, because it is allowing her to do more for herself and I’m always so proud of her when she learns something new. And yet, it is also a constant reminder of how quickly time is zooming by, and that makes me sad. I just try to focus on the happy side, and there is so much of that. All of these changes are allowing me to see just what a funny little girl my daughter is becoming.

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