Two Years Baby!

September 5th marked our two-year anniversary – it’s hard to believe that two years have already gone by since we got married. Last year, Neal and I watched our wedding video; we didn’t get around to it this year, but we did flip through our photo album. And although we weren’t exactly party animals back then, it’s funny to look back and see how much our lives have changed, thanks to a precious little person that came into the world back in April.

As it was the Labour Day long weekend, Neal’s parents came down to visit. Neal had called his mom earlier in the week to see if she and his dad would be willing to watch Claire for a couple of hours so he could take me out for supper the night before our actual anniversary (his parents wouldn’t be here on the actual day). He kept the location a secret, and I was delighted to see that he took me to Hamachi House! We went there for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and it was the best dining experience I had ever had, and this was just as awesome! We had miso soup (mmm!), a lovely salad, some California rolls (the only sushi I’ll eat), and then Neal had a sumo burger for his meal and I had the teriyaki chicken.

Funny enough, we ended up being home in a little over an hour, surprising Neal’s parents who expected us to be longer! It was the first time Neal and I were both away from Claire, and although I had complete faith in my in-laws, I wasn’t too sure how Claire would feel about the arrangement, particularly since she was still napping when Neal and I left. Thankfully, we didn’t hear any screaming or crying when we walked in the door. Claire had gotten up, had a bottle and diaper-change, and was sitting at the table with Carl and Cathy as they sat down to have supper! I guess we could have found something else to do, like go for a walk or something, but hey, it was the first time! And, contrary to what usually happens when parents go out on their own for the first time, we rarely talked about Claire! I will admit to thinking about her a lot though…

When we got in, there was another surprise waiting for me on the dining room table. I had mentioned to Neal one time that I’d like to get a radio for the kitchen that would fit underneath the upper cabinets.

Now I can listen to some tunes while I'm cooking!

I felt a little bad since I hadn’t bought anything for Neal since we had decided last year that we wouldn’t buy anything for each other for our anniversary, but would find other ways, such as going out for supper, to celebrate. Neal had forgotten about that conversation, but he pointed out that it’s a something for the house, so it would really be for both of us.

The next day, I made shepherd’s pie (okay, not fancy, but we both really like it) for our anniversary supper and Tiffany’s Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with Whiskey Brown Sugar Whipped Cream for dessert. OMFG – forget the shepherd’s pie, that dessert was the BOMB. I will love Tiffany forever for sharing that recipe with the world!


In other news, I bought a second-hand exersaucer off of Kijiji last week. Toys ‘R’ Us sells this particular one brand-new for $140. I paid $35! Claire was not impressed the first time we put her in, but a) it was something that is completely foreign to her, and b) it was the evening, so she may have been getting tired. The next afternoon, I decided to chance traumatizing my daughter and put her back in, making sure to give her her favourite toy, Mr. Elephant (we’re very creative with the names of Claire’s toys, aren’t we?). I don’t know if it was the timing or Mr. Elephant, but she had a much better time! She still only likes it for 10-minute intervals and then wants to get out, but still. I think she’s going to grow to love it!


On Friday, my workplace had its annual end-of-summer party at the house of one of the lawyers. Claire picked that day to get up two hours earlier than normal, then only nap for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, so I wasn’t at all sure how this was going to go when we brought her to a party with lots of people she doesn’t know. She blew me away by having a great time! She had another 30-minute power-nap at the party in the evening, but was otherwise happy to people-watch. She even allowed one of my coworkers to hold her for a long time without so much as a whimper!

One of the lawyers had her son a couple of months before we had Claire, and they showed up in the evening as well.

Future husband and wife?

This exchange went pretty well until Will tried to eat Claire’s hand. Guess he moved a little too quickly for her!


Friday marked Claire’s 5-month “birthday” (::SOB::), so on Saturday, we gave her some rice cereal.

She doesn’t seem to be a big fan. We gave her some on Sunday and I tried again this morning, but she makes some funny faces and then gets upset. I may try at a different time of the day tomorrow, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll either take a break from it, or I’ll try one of the other starter cereals (I can’t remember if it’s wheat or oats, but I remember seeing another one besides rice). Sherry once mentioned that Breanna didn’t like the texture of the rice cereal at all so she gave her a different kind.


Some other new things on the Claire front:

- She has been babbling for awhile now, but Friday marked the day of a big increase in the babbling. She is also putting together more sounds that she used to say by themselves over and over.

- On Saturday night after I put Claire to bed, a few hours went by before we heard a cry. Neal got up to check on her, and saw that she had flipped herself over onto her belly in her sleep. She was still sleeping, so he just gently moved her back onto her back. A little while later, she did it again. This time, I got up, but I was only able to get her to move onto her side. I think it might have been 5 times that night that she flipped herself over onto her belly, which is pretty funny since she generally dislikes tummy time.

On Sunday, she continued this trend. Anytime we put Claire on her mats with her toys – ie, anytime she was lying on her back – she would flip herself onto her belly. She would then get upset, so Neal and I would try to coach her on how to move herself onto her back. We’re actually not sure if it’s this inability to get herself back onto back that is so upsetting, or the fact that she wants to move herself toward her toys, but can’t do it yet.

Last night she woke up once, around 4 a.m., and when I went in, she was on her belly. I flipped her back over, then made her bottle, changed her diaper, and she was back in her crib, asleep (on her back!) within a half-hour. When I went in there this morning, she was on her belly again, but seemed to be quite comfortable, so since I was up anyway, I left her that way to wake up on her own – I have never seen anyone take so long to wake up! A preview of the teenage years perhaps?

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