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It’s Truly Been Great, 2009

How is it even possible that we are about to enter a new decade? Wasn’t it only a few years ago that Y2K was the big news story? And why are we not all flying around like the Jetsons?
It has been a wonderful year, 2009. It started off a little roughly […]

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It wasn’t too long ago that I told Neal that when we return from Cuba in February, I want to start looking into getting a cat. When my sister and I were born, my parents already had a cat (Satan, heh). Then, years later when he had to be euthanized, we lasted about two […]

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It’s a Hard Life

I wish I had seen this before posting my rambling, boring entry, because this is far more entertaining.
Onyx has certainly made herself feel right at home!

Talk about relaxed!

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It was back to work today. As expected, it was really quiet as less than half the office (give or take) was there. I’m not going to lie - it sucked to go in when I really just wanted to stay home with Neal and get things done around here (as well as lie […]

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Christmas 2009

Neal and I had such a wonderful Christmas - it’s crazy to think that it’s all over and I’m back to work tomorrow - thankfully only for two-and-a-half days and then I’m off again for New Year’s and the weekend.
So, the basic rundown of the past few days:
On Christmas Eve evening, we (me, Neal and […]

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