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What an exciting weekend (that would be sarcasm there). On Friday night, I watched “Surviving Christmas” (kinda dumb, but it did have some funny parts in it; I watched “Must Love Dogs” on Thursday, which I really enjoyed), puttered around for a bit after, and then went to bed rather early for a Friday night […]

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Cool Illusion

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And there’s an entry below.

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First of all, a rant. There’s a pretty large property management company that’s buying up property in Dartmouth like crazy, so I decided to call them about a couple of buildings to view tomorrow. For one thing, when they ask me what month I want it for and I tell them March 1st, they tell […]

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Pictures Galore

I finally got around to dumping some of the pictures off my camera:
Goofball Hayley

Such an angel

Papa and Breanna

Sargie guarding the gifts


No snow! (Until yesterday - though, thankfully nothing major)

Last Friday was such a beautiful day, well into the double-digits, and I took advantage at lunch to walk along […]

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Restful Weekend

I have homemade chili simmering on the stove, filling the apartment with that comforting scent of good food, it’s quiet except for the pitter-patter of the rain outside, the lighting is dim with just two soft lamps burning, and I have a cup of coffee at my side. Sometimes it’s nice to have an active […]

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