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Lately I’ve been getting royally spammed with robots on this site. They post comments on a bunch of entries that are basically advertising their own websites (gambling, etc.), and it’s gotten out of hand. I get something like 20 or 30 a day, and I figure that between that and the pictures I post (I […]

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Just testing something…

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Amazing Jobs

I am SO jealous of my boss’s son. He worked with us over the summer, part-time, and now he’s starting university. He came in today for about half-an-hour to help me out with something and he mentioned this new job he got for during the semester. Get this: he works two days a week, 5 […]

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8 Days

Well, that’s 8 working days until my vacation! Woo! Seriously - my mantra for this week is going to be “This is my last full week before I get back from Halifax”. Next Monday is Labor Day, which I assume I have off, and then I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and that’s it!
The […]

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New One

New Entry up in the journal. Here you have an example of one way online friendships can go wrong.

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