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Happiness is Working in Black Earth

Today has been a really good day. It’s sad that it’s Sunday and I have work tomorrow (especially since my mom has it off), but at least it’s been satisfying. I just got in from the back balcony where I “planted” some artificial flowers. We used to have real ones every summer, but you have […]

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Shrek 2

Oh man. You want a good laugh? Go see “Shrek 2″. I liked the first one, but I loved this one. I, of course, adored Puss ‘n Boots, but then I suppose that’s no big shock since I’m such a cat-person.
That movie is precisely what I needed after the day I had. And it was […]

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Almost There

All right. So my list of things to be grateful for didn’t have the effect I wanted them to have. They didn’t put me into a happier, more appropriate Friday mood. I went off to lunch, tried to get lost in The Poisonwood Bible, found it difficult because I was fuming at how everything I […]

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I have found that I am not in a terribly good mood today - I should be much lighter and carefree given the fact that it’s Friday, and I only have a few more hours of work to go before the weekend starts. Plus, I’m going to see Shrek 2 tonight with my mom, which […]

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How Band-aid Companies Make Their Millions

No, it’s not because we humans are so clumsy and are constantly injuring ourselves (or, at least, that’s only one reason). It’s because band-aids can sometimes cause the injury.
No, I’m not kidding.
A few days ago, I had cut myself on my arm somehow or other, probably from my cat’s back claws when I picked […]

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