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In brief

Hey, Sherry here, updating for Amanda just so no one thinks she’s fallen into the hole that was meant to be her sink, never to return again.
Much to her disgust, she arrived on July 1st and found she essentially had no kitchen at all. Nothing was finished, in fact - from the pictures she […]

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So it was a good day, this Friday. I was in a good mood, people weren’t driving me up the wall at work but actually letting me do what I needed to do, and most importantly, it was Friday. I was in a good mood in part because I was excited about the upcoming move […]

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Waiting on an Email

I still haven’t heard anything from the woman at the bank. She seemed to be pretty far along in her pregnancy, so god knows. Maybe she’s on maternity leave already. One would think her emails would be forwarded, but hey, you never know!
There might be some serious explosions going on in our household tonight. […]

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Yup. New category for the weblog - Panic. Used it on the last entry, and I’m sure I’m going to use it a gazillion more times — unless I spontaneously combust as I’m convinced I’m going to soon.
Anyway. Had my french phone thing. I have NO idea how I did. I fucked up a […]

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I have that french telephone interview today at 1:30. I have to make sure that I’m up at the pay phone on time to call, so I’m a little worried that someone here will want to have a meeting with me at that time. That would be very bad. I can’t exactly explain why I […]

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