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For the past couple of weeks, I have developed a rather annoying and painful side-effect of pregnancy: ye olde pinched sciatic nerve. Well, I assume it’s the sciatic, but it could be some other nerve.

I’ll be sitting for awhile, say at work, and then when I stand up and start walking to the printer or the accounting department or to Nick’s office, I suddenly feel pain shooting through my backside, sometimes so badly that the leg on the affected side wobbles and loses half of its strength. Hence the limping. I scared one girl here at work one day when I walked by muttering “Ouch, ouch, ouch” under my breath. She looked up at me with wide eyes, wondering if I was in labour. I guess it’s not so good for a pregnant woman to walk by making sounds of pain.

Anyway, it’s a real pain in the ass - both figuratively and literally. For some reason, it seems to be worse here at work than it is at home, although I do experience it pretty much every morning when I get out of bed. But otherwise, I’m generally able to walk around the house without too much pain. Also, I went to the gym last night and walked on the treadmill for close to half-an-hour, and didn’t suddenly start limping. So that then makes me wonder: are the shoes I’m wearing at work making it worse? I switch between two pairs at the moment, and both are pretty well flat. At home, I wear slippers or go barefoot. At the gym, I was wearing running shoes. If it gets really bad, I may have to approach our office manager to see if an exception to our dress code can be made for me so that I can wear running shoes. Not that I really want to since I do still have some dignity and wearing sneakers with dress pants is a bit of a faux-pas unless it’s because you’re taking public transport into work and will change into proper shoes once you get there, or you’re going for a brisk walk at lunch.

Then again, I imagine that the pain of a pinched nerve is eating away at my dignity anyway.

I am, for the most part, still sleeping relatively well. Most nights I wake up 2-3 times to go pee which is annoying, but I’m very fortunate in being able to fall right back to sleep once I get back into bed. A couple of nights ago was not fun in that I woke up with a combination of really needing to pee AND having one hell of a contraction. Most of the contractions I feel (which is on a near-daily basis these days) are of the tightening variety which is uncomfortable but not painful. But every so often… Well, the fact that the painful contraction was part of the reason I woke up out of a deep slumber stayed with me for most of yesterday, not helped by the fact that I was experiencing some cramping-like contractions in the morning, making me wonder if I was at the very beginning of what would turn into full-fledged labour.

Thankfully, that was not the case. Everything calmed down and so far today, I don’t think I’ve had a single contraction. Although yes, I am very anxious to meet Baby Guthrie, and although yes I’m at that stage where doctors wouldn’t attempt to stop labour if it started, I would prefer that she at least wait another two weeks when I will be at 37 weeks. I’ve basically broken the month of March down into increments of events I’m looking forward to: getting to 37 weeks at which point I may just go for a walk every single day and eat only spicy food in an attempt to bring on labour (I’m kidding. I think.), and the following week which will be my last before starting maternity leave (assuming that my attempts the week before don’t work).

So far, two people have proposed March 28th as the date on which Baby Guthrie will be born. My father-in-law had a dream over Christmas to that effect, and Sherry mentioned that Breanna also picked that day. I guess we’ll see!

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Picture Entry - All About Baby


I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of the nursery since it has been pretty well finished for a couple of weeks now. There are a few other things to add. Maybe a couple more pictures, and Neal is painting the letters for the baby’s name - but, with particular reference to the latter, I thought I would take and post the pictures before the letters are put up on the wall because we’re trying to keep her name off the Net until she’s born. It’s a little silly, I suppose, since it’s hardly a secret. We’ve told pretty much everyone who has asked, but I just want to be able to post all of those first photos and announce her name at the same time.

Oh! And we’re also desperately trying to find a plain pink or green (since there is some green in the border) valence for the top of the window, but for some very bizarre reason, it has so far proven to be impossible to find anything like that. I don’t quite understand because it’s not like we’re looking for a kid-themed valence. Just plain. No pattern. But all we find are valences that either have a pattern or are in every other colour except pink or green. Truthfully, I’d prefer pink, but at this point, I would happily take green.

Also, we’re on the hunt for a little rug to put by the change table, also in either pink or green, to be determined I guess by the valence. I think I may soon give up on the valence hunt and will just go buy some material and ask someone to make the goddamn valence for me. I think that one of Brad’s (neighbour) relatives knows how to sew, as Nina mentioned it as a possibility.

Anyway! I’m not going to let those minor setbacks deter me from posting pictures of the nursery any longer! Sadly, the pictures do not properly convey how cozy it is in there, particularly in the evening when I have only the lamp on and I go to sit in the rocking chair.




And the border around the room since I doubt you can really make it out in those other pictures:


We’re pretty darn happy with our little nursery! Now we just need a baby to put in that crib!

Also, I thought I’d take this opportunity to post a baby bump picture. I have been pretty negligent on that, and it’s not because I’m shy about having pictures of my “bump”. I love my bump actually!

First, I have to post this one of me at 16 weeks - I may have posted this before, but it makes me laugh because I distinctly remember taking this picture quite a few times because I was convinced I was sticking my belly out more than it needed to be. After all, I was HUGE.


Ha! Not!

This is the one I just took tonight, and I am at 34 weeks:


Now THAT is a big belly!

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Another Milestone - 34 Weeks!


I think I’ve mentioned that, since I hit 28 weeks, I’ve started to feel paranoid about going into premature labour. This paranoia was not, of course, helped by my fall on the ice which led to me having contractions every 2-3 minutes for a couple of hours. Nor, come to think of it, by the fact that a few days prior to that, I experienced an hour in the evening having rather painful contractions.

I spoke to my doctor about my paranoia, and she told me that although yes, 37 weeks is when you move out of the premature category, 34 weeks is when the doctors don’t want you to go into labour (ie, they don’t want you to do any of those things that are supposed to help bring on labour), but they won’t generally try to stop it if you suddenly start.

Well, I hit 34 weeks today, so I am very excited! That’s not to say that all of my paranoia has gone away - I doubt that will disappear until I have hit 37 weeks, but it’s the start of the calming process. Next week I will calm down more because one of the lawyers here had one of her sons at 35 weeks and he’s fine. My work pregnancy buddy (another lawyer) just had her baby a couple of weeks ago, and she was still at 36 weeks (albeit, she was just one day shy of 37 weeks). And then I’m at 37 weeks and as far I’m concerned, Baby Guthrie can make an appearance anytime.

The only thing that will suck about next week and may keep me in a more stressed state than I would be normally is the fact that Neal is supposed to be “sailing” (ie, his ship will be just outside the harbour) from Monday to Friday. I know that I should be able to get in touch with him through the base operator if anything happens and they’ll get him off the ship, but still. If I suddenly start having contractions, I won’t know for awhile whether I should call him or if it’s just false labour. He suggested that I call when I’m getting ready to leave for the hospital, but a) that doesn’t always leave a whole lot of time for the arrangements to be made and for him to get to the hospital (my work pregnancy buddy was admitted to the hospital at 4:30 a.m. and had her son a little after 6 a.m. - and that was her first child!), and b) I don’t really cherish the thought of possibly going through the early stages of labour - which are usually done at home - by myself. I do have my neighbours on stand-by, but I don’t know if Nina will be able to come sit with me for several hours.

So, um, yeah. I’m not terribly impressed with the military because Neal still hasn’t gotten his official posting message, and we had hoped that he wouldn’t have to do this 5-day thing but it looks like he will.

But! I’m going to try to remain positive and pray that I don’t go into labour next week!

Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty well these days, considering. I do feel slightly more tired than usual, particularly physically, and that’s not something I’m used to. We went to the gym yesterday where I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then went out to run just a few errands. And seriously - just a few. With moments where we could sit in the car in between. And by the time I got home, my feet were just aching, so much so that Neal took pity on me and made the meatloaf so I could sit on the couch and give my poor feet a break!

Other than waking up a few times in the night, I’ve been sleeping pretty well. I wake up, go to the washroom, get back into bed, and I have usually fallen back to sleep within a couple of minutes, so I definitely cannot complain about that.

I have been having days when I experience a few contractions. Sometimes they are the painful variety, but most of the time they’re just those tightenings that are a little uncomfortable, but not really bad at all. I’ve also had some pain, from time time, around my hips and pelvis which I believe is just from the loosening and stretching of my ligaments to get me ready for childbirth.

Oh my god. Childbirth. I know, I know, it’s hardly a surprise after nearly 9 months, but it has started to hit me that holy shit, I have to actually push this baby out. And soon. Really, premature status aside, it can now happen at any time.

But! I am also not going to dwell on THAT too much. I have a loose birth plan - loose because from what I hear, the birth NEVER goes completely according to plan - so I have considered everything I can possibly consider seeing as how I have never gone through this before. And really, I don’t think I need to dwell on that any more than I already have.

It’s also pretty mind-blowing to think that this is my last week at work where I’m really on my own. Starting sometime next week - Tuesday or Wednesday - the girl who is filling in for my mat leave will move over to my desk, I’ll go sit at another woman’s desk (she’s on sick leave until after my last day), and just be there to answer questions and to close some files and do other types of “cleaning up”. Then on March 25th, that’s it - as of 4pm on that day, I am off work.

Totally insane.

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This past weekend was much better than the one before, namely because it did not involve me landing on my ass followed by a 7-hour stint at the IWK! On Sunday, I had my baby shower, and Neal had his “diaper party”.

I had never heard of a diaper party until a couple of years ago when Neal was invited to one, but it is a fabulous idea! We all know about the hen parties known as baby showers where you get to play a few silly games and then the mom-to-be opens up a bunch of really cute baby things that everyone “ooohs” and “ahhhs” over, but often, dads don’t get any kind of celebration of their new, upcoming role. So the diaper party is where a bunch of guys get together for some munchies and drinks, and the guys all bring a box of diapers. So of course, it’s also a wonderful way to stock up on a bunch of diapers!

My next-door neighbour Nina hosted my party, but we held it over here at my place, while her husband, Brad, threw the diaper party for Neal over at their place. Neal seemed to do well with his diapers as we now have a pile of boxes in the baby’s closet. I know that I did rather well!

Nina and Nancy kicked Neal and I out of the house for an hour so they could decorate, and I came back to a living room filled with pink streamers and baby shower signs and pink balloons. They also decorated a “Chair of Honour” for me as well! Baby Guthrie got lots of new, adorable clothes, receiving blankets, some toys, wipes, diapers, etc! Of course, it was somewhat overwhelming, opening all of these gifts all at once, so I really enjoyed looking at them properly last night as I washed, dried and then folded them all up.

And as crazy as it sounds, I’m also excited because now I can go out on the weekend and buy a bunch more stuff, as I know what I still need. I have been holding back on buying some things because you never know what you’re going to get at your shower. Plus, Neal and I were focusing a lot on the furniture, but now that is all bought and set up, so I feel like I have free reign! That might be a very bad thing as I am feeling mildly obsessed with going out and buying more newborn clothes (and 0-3 months) and hooded towels and baby facecloths, and a baby tub, and… yeah, you get the picture!


I lost my pregnant buddy this week. One of the lawyers at work was also pregnant, but was a little over 4 weeks ahead of me. She was due at the end of February, but ended up giving birth on Saturday. Obviously I’m very happy for her and her husband, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss having her to compare notes.

This, of course, led to many people in the office looking at me sideways and saying that I’d better hurry up to catch up with her! At which time I remind them that I’m only due in early April, and am only 32 weeks. A baby isn’t considered pre-term if she’s born at 37 weeks or after, so I say I have 5 weeks until I can start tapping my fingers and telling Baby Guthrie that it’s time for her to make an appearance! It always surprises people when they hear that - although my belly is measuring perfectly for my stage, my short torso means that my belly is quite the bulge. I have been looking at my profile in the mirror this week, wondering how the hell I’m going to get to work if I keep growing - which I’m expected to do at an alarming rate since this is when the baby starts putting on fat.

But 5 more weeks would be good. I wouldn’t have the week off that I’m planning for, but I really don’t care. From the moment I learned I was pregnant, it started to get difficult to focus on work, but it’s definitely a whole lot worse now. I like my job, and I rarely dread going in. Hell, I didn’t miss a single day of work at all in 2010, despite being pregnant! But honestly, I just find that my ability to care is diminishing. I don’t want to think about arrears and payout statements and foreclosure documents. All I want to think about are BABIES!


That being said, when I think that I could give birth in 5 weeks and not be considered to be pre-term, that that is only a little over a month away… well, my mind is just blown!

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