What I do during tropical storms

Today Halifax was whomped by the tail end of Tropical Storm Sean which brought sheets of monsoon-like rain and gust of wind up to 90 km/hr. Seeing as how it was also Remembrance Day it was a bit disappointing since I’m sure a lot of people missed out on the various ceremonies around the city. On the other hand, it was especially heavy rain right at the time I would have been leaving for work on a normal day so I must say I was relieved that I didn’t have to go out in it.

Except that I did go out in it! Willingly! I’m somewhat of a competitive person (and by somewhat I mean borderline maniacal) and so when I saw that one of my favorite fitness people was doing a special giveaway I had to take part. The challenge was to film a video doing plank, and after the contest is over she’ll pick her four favourites and give them each a prize. I want that prize, let me tell you, so I was in. And I figured if I had to make my plank video stand out from the other contenders then I needed to step up my game just a bit.

Which is how I ended up filming three segments of plank pose variations out on my back deck in a heavy downpour.

As a bonus, enough water blew in thanks to the wind that my kitchen floor got a good mopping!

I needed a hot shower and some dry clothes afterwards but it was so silly that I couldn’t stop laughing afterwards. Fitness routines can help boost your energy and mood but when they’re as goofy as this they will DEFINITELY improve your mood!

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