Happy Yanksgiving

I’m a big fan of turkey. Seriously, I really love it like nobody’s business. Because of that I get a bit envious every year when it’s the U.S. Thanksgiving and everyone below the border is digging into some turkey, stuffing, and cranberries even though it’s silly since we already had our Thanksgiving last month. (We won’t discuss the pumpkin pie because I might cry.)

Well, because of that I do a little bit of “Yanksgiving” up here on the American holiday. And here it was.

Okay, fine. It was just a frozen dinner that I heated in the microwave. Normally I do some roast chicken with a nice potato casserole side dish and stuffing and blablabla. I’m just getting over the plague though and between taking the dog out for two good long walks (to make up for not doing so the past couple of days) and cleaning the apartment up, this was all I had the energy left to do.

And for a frozen dinner it was pretty decent really.

Alas. At least I’m getting a real turkey dinner in exactly one month at Christmas.


Speaking of which, winter is well on its way. These bright red berries keep hanging in there through frosts and below-zero windchill days but I’m curious to see how long they hold up against the actual winter months.

We shall see.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Yanksgiving

  1. I like to spend holidays with family and friends and lot of reach food, but i like best to make every day a holiday and cook something nice. If I had the time every day i would cook something different and sit for at least 45 minutes at the dinner table. Unfortunately, i don’t have such a time but i do my best to make the Sunday dinner a special one. Food really brings people together!