Five things I can't seem to stop doing

Now that we’re really closing in on the home stretch with only an hour and a half to go, I’m eager to get to the point where I can just go to sleep already. I’m still pretty well awake but I can feel the fatigue and I’m getting close to hitting that wall.

Five things I can’t seem to stop doing no matter how hard I try:

  1. Checking the time constantly. It’s unbelievable, I’ll check, wait what feels like at least five minutes, look again only to see that it’s STILL THE SAME TIME. Time has FROZEN!
  2. Grinning. I swear to GOD, I just told my friend Heather that I have the biggest, most idiotic grin on my face for absolutely NO REASON* and I can’t seem to make myself stop. Do you know how stupid it feels to sit all alone in your semi-dark living room smiling like a moron? At NOTHING?!
  3. Yawning. Big dumb grin aside, I am definitely getting tired and I keep yawning. That’s pretty much the only thing that breaks up the grin!
  4. Twitching my leg. I think that may very well be the caffeine. This is why I don’t normally drink two cups of coffee on top of chocolate and pop. No heart palpitations at least!
  5. Peeing. I know, I know, too much information but between the pop to give me some sugar energy, the coffee to give me caffeine, and the water to balance it all out, let’s just say that no matter how tired I get, my bladder will definitely help keep me awake until 9 am when the Blogathon ends!
    1. Whew. Oh hey look, the clock STILL ISN’T MOVING!

      *Heather told me to take a picture so I did and well, I look like a total crazed lunatic complete with glazed eyes, so no. No picture. :D

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