Things that are ticking me off right now

In no particular order, here are some things that are ranking quite high on my annoyance meter right about now.

1. Dog poop. Not my dog’s poop, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call hers delightful or fun or anything. However, what’s great about it is that it quickly ends up tied up in a plastic bag. Apparently there are a few people in my neighborhood who aren’t so vigilant with the bag situation, and it’s making me borderline homicidal. What is especially pushing me over the edge is that someone keeps letting their (potentially large, I would say) dog crap all over the snowbank directly out front, all along what would be the lawn of our building. It isn’t just that it’s unattractive to look at or that it creates a delicate obstacle course for me – it means that I have to constantly worry that people in the building think that *I* am the one neglecting to pick up after my dog.

There have been two times that I’ve run downstairs with Pearl, expecting her to just pee, only to discover – aww, crap (pun totally intended) – I should have brought that bag after all. In both of those situations, I ran right back upstairs, flew back down, and picked it up. I do not leave dog poop all over the damn place. In fact there was one time where I had already thrown the bag away on a walk only to have her go again a few blocks later. Luckily I was close to home/the dumpster, and I had a wad of tissue paper in my pocket. And that’s all I have to say about THAT experience.

But the point is, I own a dog and part of the responsibility of being a dog owner is that I need to clean up after her when I walk her. If people don’t want to bother with that, then they should bloody well make sure they have a private yard – they can let their dog crap to their heart’s content out there, as long as the general public, and all the decent dog owners don’t have to deal with it.

2. Hand-over child care. On Sunday I filled up an ice cube tray with water and a bit of red food coloring to make some ice jewels. This makes for some fun times out in the snow. On Monday we had a ped day, so we went outside with them and Hayley and Breanna pretended to be pirates digging for treasure:

Winter pirates

And then they used them to build a little winter fairy house:

Bejeweled fairy house

They were having a good time. Then all of a sudden, this car pulls up (we were near the side street), and a kid who was maybe five ran out, in a snowsuit, and started playing with them. No problem! The kids were ecstatic to have someone not related to them to play with for a bit.

Except no one else got out of the car. I waited, confused, and glanced over a few times, and through the tinted windows I could make out the outline of someone sitting in the front seat, talking on the phone.

The three kids played for – no kidding – 15 minutes while this girl’s mother sat in her car. She didn’t know me, couldn’t see the kids when they ran around to the courtyard, and clearly expected me to watch her daughter. And obviously I did, because what else was I going to do?

Eventually a school bus pulled up from one of the other schools in the area and a bunch of elementary school kids came out. It was only then that the mother got out of her car, pulled some grocery bags from the back and then called to one of the boys to come help her carry them in. Obviously she was just killing time between arriving home from errands and meeting her son at the bus stop – a lot of schools don’t allow kids below a certain age to get off the bus without someone there to greet them.

But the big kicker was that she never once acknowledged me – no thank you, and not even a friendly smile. She looked right at me, all of three feet away, and turned around and headed to the building behind ours. Well you’re welcome, beyotch!

I just don’t get people sometimes.

3. Scholastic. Andrea from The Fishbowl posted a link on Twitter about a group that is trying to petition Scholastic to return to selling books and nothing more. I couldn’t agree more. When I was a kid* our Scholastic catalogs each month contained books. We picked the ones we wanted, we got them, we read them, we were thrilled. Now at least half the books that Scholastic sells seem to come with some sort of tie-in toy, like they’re the Happy Meal of the literary world.

That’s not too bad. I don’t love it, but I can live with it. Last year Hayley got a Backyardigans book and it came with three little figurines. Last month she got a chapter book about unicorns and it came with a small stuffed unicorn. That’s borderline acceptable – at least she’s still reading.

But the problem is that they also sell JUST toys. Instead of ordering any book at all, you can get random things like handheld games, cars, rubber stamp kits, and so on. Scholastic is supposed to be for books, to promote reading. How does a package of toy cars promote reading? It doesn’t. I had to argue with Hayley because she wanted to get a little stationary set that came with all of six sheets of paper, a pencil, some stickers, and three stamps for something like $12. I told her if she wanted that sort of thing so badly we could get more of it for less at the dollar store but if she wanted to order something from Scholastic it had to be something to read, end of discussion.

I am ALL for returning to the books-only version of Scholastic, thank you very much.

*Every time I start saying “when I was a kid” I feel like I’m getting old. Any second I’m going to start screaming for people to get off my damn lawn. And stop letting your dog crap there, while you’re at it!

There are probably more things annoying me, but being hungry happens to be one of them so I guess I’ll go dig up some lunch now!

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6 thoughts on “Things that are ticking me off right now

  1. Parents like that are the ones who could so easily LOSE their kid if they went up to the wrong person! I can’t believe she didn’t at least take a moment to introduce herself to you first!

    CJs last blog post..Something Old

  2. [Luckily I was close to home/the dumpster, and I had a wad of tissue paper in my pocket. And that’s all I have to say about THAT experience.]
    You are a brave, old woman. I would be tempted to use digital time exposure to see who the lazy owner is and then leave a flaming bag of its pooches poop on the front door step. Ring the bell and haul. OK, I’m a juvenile old goat.

    I liked your solution to the overpriced stationary. Have you ever uttered “Because I said so?”

  3. I’m fortunate that we don’t really have to deal with any sort of poop situations here. But I do agree with you on the whole “childcare” thing – you should’ve taken her daughter around the corner where she couldn’t see her just to scare the crap out of her. Those rubies, by the way, what a good idea!

    And I hate that Scholastic isn’t just selling books. Toad’s scholastic order forms come with everything from DS games to spy gear.

    Randis last blog post..Protected: My First Passworded Post – Email for Password

  4. there’s a 3 year old boy that i have come across at our park a few times who’s “responsible” adult sits in the car and smokes pot while the child runs all over the place. last time i saw him i couldn’t even see ANY adult watching him. the park was packed and anyone could have easily walked off with the kid. part of me really wants to call the police for child endangerment. another part of me wanted to take the kid with me and give him a stable home life. i mean, really?? you sit and get stoned while your kid runs amok? it makes me sick.

    it hase been ges since i looked at one of the scholastic flyers, but now i’m not looking forward to it. my son is 4, so it won’t be long before he’s bringing them home from school. i’ll be like you and insist that it’s books or nothin’!

    Andromedas last blog post..The Dictator gives his feelings during the inauguration

  5. Those colored ice cubes are SO cool! Makes me wish for cold enough weather that I could make them for Ciaran (they’d melt too fast here to make them very practical for play, alas, even if temperatures ARE a “balmy” 44 today).

    We haven’t hit the Scholastic book order age yet but I agree, it should be books only.

    Heidis last blog post..In search of the fabulous

  6. Do you know how much I love your rants? I do, because I can relate to all of them!

    The dog crap thing and shitty (haha pun) parents. Where do people get off?

    Oh and I agree with the Scholastic thing. It should be books only. It’s bad enough they consider Mad Libs a book, right? Of course, I ALWAYS ordered them when I was in school, along with real books too.

    Nicoles last blog post..Leakage