I’ve come to a conclusion. Doing all my work would be infinitely easier if I could actually afford a laptop. It would be so nice to be able to work from anywhere in the apartment so that I wouldn’t be chained to this desk when I need to get some work done. Alas. Got a spare laptop lying around? Didn’t think so!

Those fun summer days are back again

Ah yes, good old hot and overly humid summer days. The utter joy. That’s today’s weather forecast. Nice isn’t it? For non-metric readers, that would be only 87F but with humidity it feels more like 104F. Hayley has soccer tonight too. There’s a 60% chance of thunderstorms and can I just confess that I truly hope it starts to POUR later so that the game is canceled so we don’t have to go out? There’s a high heat and humidity warning for the Montreal region, telling people not to go out unless they absolutely have to, so the idea of having Hayley running around a soccer field while George and I take turns walking around and around and around with Breanna is less than appealing.

The thunderstorms themselves come with warnings of severity, including hail, high and damaging winds, and strong lightning. Woo! I want to be inside my living room watching that instead of sweating and melting into a pool of goo on the grass at the park.

You know that it’s hot when you have your window unit air conditioner running, along with a ceiling fan and a table fan to help it out, and the room has still only cooled down to 28C (81F).

Pass me a cold and fruity beverage please. And an icepack. Who’s bright idea WAS it to move into the top floor apartment facing the blazing sun anyway?! I wonder if it’s too late to move into a nice, cool ground floor apartment at the back.

A day at the fair

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s also the season of the mall fair. You know the kind, the little ones that travel around and set up for a week in parking lots outside shopping centers. When we went to visit my parents for Father’s Day, Hayley spotted one near them and wanted to go right away, but we had no time for stopping that day. Luckily for her, there was one nearby this past weekend so we were able to take her on Saturday.

The last time we went to a fair, she was only about two years old and she was too nervous to go on any of the little rides so we just took her on the carousel a few times; she enjoyed that. This year, she’s a Big Girl, so she went on pretty much every ride that fits her age group, and she had no problem with it at all.

At the fair

She also showed me that she’s her mother’s daughter. I am terrified of heights but I will go on any roller coaster. And when I get off the roller coaster, I talk too loud, I have too much energy, and I usually find myself screaming at people about how I would really like to get in line for the next roller coaster RIGHT NOW, COME ON LET’S GO! Apparently, this is Hayley too. First we went on the kids’ roller coaster together (and it was pretty good, actually, I totally enjoyed it!).

Roller coaster

Then she got off and, like I do, she was loud and excited and wanted to go on the Pirate Ship.

Pirate ship

That was a total No Way In Hell. I don’t think she’d be tall enough to be allowed on anyway, but she couldn’t go on alone and there was not a chance that either George or I were going on it with her. She was really disappointed. But then she ran around going on all the other rides and we went on the roller coaster again with the remaining tickets at the end of the day.

All in all it was a lot of fun. I always wondered if going to fairs would be boring as a parent since you can’t go on all the big rides, but it was great to watch her. Even Breanna had fun because she is still young enough that she didn’t know to be outraged that she was missing out on all the rides. For her it was just fun to watch and she enjoyed yelling “Hi Ay-lay!” every time Hayley went by. George went on a strawberry-shaped version of the Tilt-a-Whirl with Hayley and Breanna thought it was hilarious – she kept laughing and saying, “Dada! HAHAHA!” every time they whirled past.

And then we stopped by McDonalds where Breanna got to play on the slide, so at least she had a bit of fun too.


You can see the whole fair set over here.

How to kick a bad day to the curb

The other day – Thursday, to be specific – we had a hellish day of epic proportions here. It doesn’t really matter what each specific detail was, it just sucked. Some highlights included, but were not limited to:

  • Sibling bickering at 7:30 in the morning while I was still trying to get my eyes to focus on Canada AM so I could wake up.
  • Angry stamping of feet before I had even made myself a cup of coffee so I could wake up, and at an hour that was early enough that the people downstairs are probably looking for a house right now.
  • A certain tiny person SCREAMING “Where Caca?!” (“Where’s Caillou”) for the entire five minutes that I dared to take a shower. How selfish of me to want to be clean! I think she may have shattered mirrors and windows somewhere with her screamfest.
  • Hayley putting on her bright red kids’ lipstick and somehow ending up getting it on the mirror, the counter, and inexplicably, the deep freezer.
  • The stupid cat walking around with lipstick mysteriously painted on his mouth. Have you ever seen a cat with bright red lips? I wish I had taken a picture but I was I may go put some on him just for the photo op.

Anyway, it went on like that all day from 7:30 am until a little past 8 pm with tantrums and arguing and messes, and I was ready to set myself on fire. When George bravely took Hayley to the grocery store I told him, through clenched teeth, “I.need.BROWNIES.”

Possibly fearing for his life, he brought back a bag of those two-bite brownies which are so good that women everywhere could gladly give up sex forever if they could just have an unlimited supply of said brownies. After the kids were in bed and George was out working on music, I put together a plate of goodness that will beat any bad day into submission. At least until morning.

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Vaccinated: The origins of our routine vaccinations

I’ve gone ahead and started up a new review blog in order to keep things on the straight and narrow for BlogHer ads’ terms, and also to keep all my reviews in one place. I’ll be moving stuff over there, but for now, my review of the book Vaccinated is over here.

I’m going to spruce up the design a bit, as soon as I can catch a breath or two.

Be sure to drop by periodically because although I’ll link from here when I do a big review, I also intend to review everyday items that I use from time to time as well.